SMC³ 204: US LTL Transportation Laws and Regulations (204)

US LTL Transportation Laws and Regulations is the fourth course in SMC³'s five course LTL Online Education series. It was designed and written by LTL professionals for seasoned LTL professionals looking for a refresher and for new LTL professionals just starting their career in the industry.

From Hours of Service, to evaluating a contract, this course explores the regulations most likely to impact the movement of freight with an LTL carrier. It starts with a basic understanding of regulatory origins and laws governing transportation, understanding safety and hazardous materials regulations as well as how to construct, analyze and negotiate a transportation contract. This course will provide you with the history, knowledge and resources to identify and minimize legal risks when operating and negotiating in an LTL environment.

Hybrid Session Dates and Topics:
Sep 14 | Inside the Washington Beltway - 2pm ET
Sep 21 | Automation and Autonomous – Regulations Impacting Implementation - 2pm ET
Sep 28 | Contracting for the Modern Supply Chain Part I - 2pm ET
Oct 5 | Contracting for the Modern Supply Chain Part II - 2pm ET
  • SMC³ LTL 204 Hybrid Zoom Registration Link
  • Module 1: LTL Transportation Law and Regulations
  • Module 2: Contracts, Bill of Lading, Claims & US Law
  • Module 3: Federal Laws Impacting the LTL Industry
  • Module 4: Financial Deregulation of Transportation
  • Module 5: Contracting for Transportation Today
  • Module 6: Safety Regulations
  • Module 7: Hazardous Materials
  • Module 8: Impact of Automation on Risk
  • 204 Final Exam
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: Forever