SMC³ LIVE Coursework for LTL

SMC³ 203 LIVE SESSION: LTL Carrier Pricing & Costing (203-LIVE)

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Designed and written by LTL professionals for LTL professionals, SMC³’s “LTL Carrier Pricing & Costing” course examines the complexities of LTL pricing and costing models. Laying out the processes, formulas, and determining factors engaged by LTL pricing and costing professionals, we’ve developed this this 8-hour, 8-module course to provide logistics and supply chain professionals with the necessary insight and knowledge to understand how rates are calculated, to seek favorable rates, and to save transportation dollars. This is the third course in SMC³'s five course LTL certification series.

Prerequisites Required: None

THIS IS THE LIVE SESSION VERSION. You will be registered within the course to take part in live video seminars given by experts.

Live Session Topics and Dates.
April 15 | “The Basic Fundamentals of LTL Pricing & Costing” - 2pm EDT (1 hour)
April 22 | “Classification & the Role of the NMFTA” - 2pm EDT (1 hour)
April 29 | “Reduce Invoice Surprises” - 2pm EDT (1 hour)
May 6 | “RFP Best Practices”- 2pm EDT (1 hour)

Guest Speakers Include:
Eddie Sorg, VP Yield Management, ARC Best
Brian Thompson, Chief Commercial Office, SMC³
Paul Levine, Executive Director, NMFTA
Joel Ringer, Chairman - Freight Classification Development Council, NMFTA
Chris Thacker, Director of Traffic, Averitt Express
Ryan Poynter, Senior VP of LTL Carrier Relations and Pricing, GlobalTranz
Dave Woodwyk, Director of Pricing and Yield Management VP, Yellow Corp
John Kruzan, Director - Client Success, SMC³

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  • April 15 | The Basic Fundamentals of LTL Pricing & Costing
  • Module 1: LTL Carrier Pricing & Carrier Costing
  • Module 2: Types of Carrier Expenses
  • April 22 | Classification & the Role of the NMFTA
  • Module 3: How LTL Freight is Classified and Priced
  • Module 4: Class-Based Vs Density-Based Pricing
  • April 29 | Reduce Invoice Surprises
  • Module 5: How an LTL Carrier Prices a Specific Shipper
  • Module 6: W&R/W&I; Proper Packaging
  • May 6 | RFP Best Practices
  • Module 7: Freight Costing Part One
  • Module 8: Freight Costing Part Two
  • 203 FINAL EXAM
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certification with a duration: Forever