SMC³ LTL Coursework

SMC³ 205: LTL Business Analytics (205)

LTL 205 is a capstone course designed to help students transition from theory and best practices to real-world LTL. From operational to financial analytics, LTL 205 is designed to give students hands-on experience and skill sets they can transfer to their LTL careers. Through video-guided exercises using a sample data set, students are asked to demonstrate that they have mastered the basics of LTL by addressing a problem and creating a proposed solution.

Participants need to have a working knowledge of Excel.
  • Module 1: LTL Analytics - Driving Decisions With Data
  • Module 2: Show Me the Data
  • Module 3: What Impacts Rates?
  • Module 4: Benchmarking and Scorecards
  • Module 5: Three Perspectives of What the Data Reflects
  • Module 6: Starting the Bid Process: A Shipper's Perspective
  • Module 7: Producing & Interpreting Revenue, Expense, and Operations
  • Module 8: Analytics Application & Review
  • 205 FINAL EXAM
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certification with a duration: Forever