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SMC³ 205 HYBRID with LIVE SESSIONS: LTL Business Analytics (205LIVE)

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THIS IS THE HYBRID VERSION including both live sessions and self-paced coursework. You will be registered within the course to take part in live video seminars given by experts. Instructions for joining the live sessions will be emailed to you. Dates and topics below:

Oct 21 | “Knowledge on How Big Data can Optimize LTL Decision-making” - 2pm EST (1 hour)
Oct 28 | “A 360-degree View on Developing Symbiotic Carrier-Customer Relationships” - 2pm EST (1 hour)
Nov 04 | "Education on Best Practices for Simplifying the LTL RFP Process" 2pm EST (1 hour)
Nov 11 | "LTL Certification Exam Preparation Tips" 2pm EST (1 hour)

Oct. 21, Thu. | 2-3 pm eastern
Knowledge on How Big Data can Optimize LTL Decision-making.
As big data continues to solidify its place within the supply chain, it has brought both disruption and unprecedented opportunities to LTL. This capstone discussion explores how to drive big value from big data and analytics to make better LTL decisions.

Oct. 28, Thu. | 2-3 pm eastern
A 360-degree View on Developing Symbiotic Carrier-Customer Relationships

The complexity of LTL makes formal bids hard to conduct and even more difficult to analyze. This capstone discussion examines proven best practices and solutions that simplify the LTL RFP process by automating, facilitating, and managing a bid between carriers and shippers.

Nov. 04, Thu. | 2-3 pm eastern
Education on Best Practices for Simplifying the LTL RFP Process

Successful collaboration between LTL carriers and their customers means developing win-win relationships that provide a platform where each party can jointly solve problems and gain efficiencies through transparent, open communication. This session explores proven best practices for getting to “we,” as well as the importance of partners sharing data, analytics, and other insight crucial to building strategic relationships in today’s competitive LTL environment.

Nov. 11, Thu. | 2-3 pm eastern
LTL Certification Exam Preparation Tips

Earning your certification in less-than-truckload demonstrates mastery and utilization of LTL terminology, processes, and procedures. The LTL Certification (CLTL) verifies you can apply best practices in LTL operations, costing and pricing, LTL transportation laws and regulations, as well as business analytics to support the North American supply chain. To ensure you’re comfortable with the exam, we’ll familiarize students with the following:

• Why earning the CLTL provides value to your skillset
• Exam preparation tips
• How the exam is organized
• Take the exam online, on-demand 24/7/365
• A friendly and easy-to-use platform
• Take an interactive sample test
• What happens if you don’t pass the exam
• The cost and process for signing up for the CLTL
• The simple requirements for keeping your certification current

LTL 205 is a capstone course designed to help students transition from theory and best practices to real-world LTL. From operational to financial analytics, LTL 205 is designed to give students hands-on experience and skill sets they can transfer to their LTL careers. Through video-guided exercises using a sample data set, students are asked to demonstrate that they have mastered the basics of LTL by addressing a problem and creating a proposed solution.

Participants need to have a working knowledge of Excel.

Live events will be hosted by and SMC³.
Events will feature talks by SMC³,'s Professors and Industry Insiders.
  • Oct 21 2pm ET: Knowledge on How Big Data can Optimize LTL Decision-making
  • Oct 28 2pm ET: A 360 View on Developing Symbiotic Carrier-Customer Relationships
  • Nov 4 2pm ET: Education on Best Practices for Simplifying the LTL RFP Process
  • Nov 11 2pm ET: LTL Certification Exam Preparation Tips
  • Module 1: LTL Analytics - Driving Decisions With Data
  • Module 2: Show Me the Data
  • Module 3: What Impacts Rates?
  • Module 4: Benchmarking and Scorecards
  • Module 5: Three Perspectives of What the Data Reflects
  • Module 6: Starting the Bid Process: A Shipper's Perspective
  • Module 7: Producing & Interpreting Revenue, Expense, and Operations
  • Module 8: Analytics Application & Review
  • 205 FINAL EXAM
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certification with a duration: Forever