SMC³ HYBRID Series - 2022

SMC³ 202 HYBRID: LTL Operations from Dock to Stock (202-HYB-2022)

LTL Operations: From Dock to Stock is the second course in SMC³'s five course LTL Online Education series. It was designed and written by LTL professionals for seasoned LTL professionals looking for a refresher and for new LTL professionals just starting their career in the industry.

What does it take to run a successful LTL carrier operation? What are the essential elements? This course is designed to dive deep into the essentials of LTL from four critical areas: equipment, facilities, network, and technology.

This course leads you through the flow of freight from dock to stock. How does it move? Where does it go before arriving at your facility? How many facilities will it pass through by the time the freight arrives? What types of trailers and tractors could be used to move the freight? You will develop an appreciation for how an LTL carrier develops its network, the different type of network models, equipment, and facilities carriers use, and all the processes it takes to move freight from dock to stock. In addition, you will learn the valuable role that freight brokers and agents play in helping orchestrate the movement of LTL freight.

Hybrid Session Dates and Topics:
Apr 07 | “LTL Operations: Defining Functions, Roles, and the Cross-deck Operation” - 2pm ET (1 hour)
Apr 14 | “LTL Networks: Gaining Efficiencies from Pick-up to Delivery” - 2pm ET (1 hour)
Apr 21 | “Navigating the Complexities of LTL Cross Border Trade” - 2pm ET (1 hour)
Apr 28| “Technology in an LTL Environment” - 2pm ET (1 hour)

Past Speakers Include:
Kevin Springer, VP of Sales, SMC³
TJ O'Connor, COO, YRC Freight
Steve Gast, Chairman of the Board, Ward Transport
Charlie Prickett, President, AAA Cooper
Troy Riley, President, Redwood Logistics
Kiko Zuniga, Executive Director, NCBFAA
David Knight, CTO, SMC³
Tim Saylor, VP Information Services, Averitt Express
Tim Story, Executive Vice President, World Wide Express
  • Live - 4/7/22: LTL Operations: Defining Functions, Roles, & Cross-deck Operation
  • Live - 4/14/22: LTL Networks: Gaining Efficiencies from Pick-up to Delivery.
  • Live - 4/21/22: Navigating the Complexities of LTL Cross Border Trade.
  • Live - 4/28/22: Technology in an LTL Environment
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  • Module 1: LTL Freight Operations
  • Module 2: Key Roles in LTL
  • Module 3: LTL Carriers Operational Equipment
  • Module 4: LTL Carrier Extended Services
  • Module 5: Freight Brokers and the LTL Market
  • Module 6: LTL Weighing and Inspection Process
  • Module 7: Use of Transportation Management Systems (TMS)
  • Module 8: Technology Impact on LTL Operations
  • 202 Final Exam
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: Forever